Toronto is lucky to have a wide range of restaurant options, each one offering its own array of unique menu options catering to a specific taste or region. Everyone wants to find out what the new hot or hip food is and the less well known it is, the better.

So, we’ve done some digging around for the city’s secret menu items and have narrowed it down to five restaurants that have secret items you can try. We focused on Toronto hot spots so that you can use this unique knowledge with ease — no need to hike to a different neighbourhood, or go out of your way. Next time you end up grabbing lunch or dinner at one of these classic restaurants try mixing it up a little with one of these secret menu items.

Location: 340 Yonge St.
Secret: Islamic Noodles

To start our list, we have one of Toronto’s worst kept secrets. Upon researching this article, I had multiple people mention this as the only secret menu item they knew about in Toronto. Whenever multiple people tell you the same “secret,” you have to question its secretive nature (and how good those friends are at keeping secrets). Salad King’s Islamic noodles are basically Panang Coconut Curry poured over thick rice noodles that are served with vegetables and your choice of meat. The Toronto Star reports that even though this is technically off the menu, it is Salad King’s second most sold dish. Try it next time you go to find out why.

Location: Multiple Locations
Secret: Club Sandwich

Bahn Mi Boys is a classic Asian-inspired Sandwich shop here in Toronto. While you may already be familiar with their classic sandwich options, we recommend you to switch it up and order their club sandwich, which includes both pork belly and fried chicken. They are also super well known for their incredibly delicious kimchi, which they serve up with an order of kimchi fries. A second secret menu item is their kimchi fries bao which is made when you add their kimchi to one of their classic sandwiches. If you’re feeling super crafty, why not add the kimchi fries to your Club Sandwich? Next time you are grabbing a quick lunch from one of their many locations around the city, take a chance and try something new.

Location: 1263 Queen St. W
Secret: The Vegan MacDaddy

Rumour has it that Doomie’s, the Queen West vegan restaurant, has a burger that tastes exactly like a Big Mac (minus the animal products of course). The issue is, this Doomie’s favorite is not on the menu. However, a quick chat with the staff there can hook you up with this famous off-the-menu burger. This is definitely worth the trek to the west end. If you don’t want to make the trip, some of Toronto’s food courier services will even deliver it right to your door.

Location: Multiple Locations
Secret: Too Many To Choose From

The Burger’s Priest has an entire section on their website dedicated to a menu not listed in their restaurants. It includes a plethora of different sandwich options ranging in size and ingredients, as well as milkshakes that are not advertised in store. While every item on this menu looks absolutely spectacular, we have to recommend The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Their website advertises it as a “Vatican-style Armageddon.” To us, it just looks like a stack of deliciousness.

Location: Multiple Locations
Secret: Waffle Bacon

The Starving Artist has mastered the art of brunch with their sweet and savory waffles. While they may have had you convinced that their potato waffles (waffles made from mashed potatoes) were the game changer, you thought wrong. The Starving Artist has of course thought of it all, which is why the ever so simple Waffle Bacon absolutely baffles us. The Waffle Bacon takes your classic brunch: waffles, bacon and maple syrup, and combines it into one dish. This comes to you as a waffle with bacon baked into it. They then drizzle it with maple syrup and a dash of icing sugar, making all of your brunch dreams come true.

By chantel ouellet – INDI88