Plaza Midtown Pre-construction Project

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Plaza Midtown Pre-construction Project.

Much like the area itself, Plaza Midtown is a bit of everything for everyone. Its modular, Rubik’s cube façade leverages existing structures to create a cohesive unit that reflects the pastiche of Eglinton’s history. Enhancing what’s already there without cancelling it out, there’s a simplicity about the cubic design that promises a lifestyle that can be personalized to your taste, which of course, it can.
The Eglinton Avenue we know today is not the result of any one particular vision. Its character is defined by its organic, piecemeal planning over time, responding to people and needs as they arose.
Today, what was once the edge of the city is now distinctly at its core, and a future stop along the upcoming Crosstown LRT. It truly is the best of both worlds – efficient and well connected with access anywhere in the city, yet completely self-contained, an enclave unto itself, responding to its inhabitants, as always.

25 Holly St.
50 Dunfield Ave.